Análisis Técnico Institucional para el día 8 de octubre del 2015

Análisis Técnico Institucional para el día 8 de octubre del 2015

EUR: No news in the known short-term range 1.1135-1.1317, narrowing within yesterday balance 1.1211-1.1283. Try shorts in a new approach to the top with stops over the 1.1340. At 1.1327 we have today the probability estimated top.

JPY: Despite of the triangular phase is intact based on 119.40 and 118.68/75 references, a down continuation could be ready to develop.

EURGBP: Yesterday a stronger Cable led the cross direction up to 0.7328. A recovery is expected from here turning back to 0.7384 and the figure.

EURJPY: Unchanged bullish channel developing between the 134.00 and the 136.00 confluence of trend lines.
We recommend to implement shorts at the upper bound with stops over the 136.30.

AUD: The resistance area around 0.7216 has been met, quoted 0.7234, from where a rest or correction could develop before trying a conclusive attack. Watch the 0.7115 rising trend line to confirm a new down rotation.

NZD: Keep on mind the potential fatigue candle that has appeared just at the projection area and trend line reference around 0.6620/30, quoted high at 0.6647.
A retrace move to 0.6550 and 0.6466 is possible.

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